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These rules apply to all forums of the portal zenarit .com / forum. zenarit .com.


A. Topic Names

  • Creating a topic with a name that already exists in the forum;
  • Creating topics with a slurred name, for example: "Help!", "Everything is here", etc.

B. Thematic restrictions

  • Post messages that are clearly not relevant to the forum topics;
  • Any kind of political propaganda is prohibited, except for special topics that have a pronounced theme.
  • It is forbidden to create messages with meaningless or slurred content.

C. Duplication

  • Post messages more than once, even taking into account relatively old messages of similar content: when you post a message 2 times - the first copy is deleted, more than 2 times - all are deleted, more than 5 times - you risk losing the ability to create messages;
  • Duplicate messages in neighboring forums, also in case of abuse or off topic all messages are deleted;

D. Advertising

  • Post commercial messages without coordination with the editors of the site. By commercial means messages containing advertising of goods or paid services, as well as directly or indirectly aimed at making a profit by interested parties;
  • Post invitations to other sites. Such posts are deleted, and when you repeat, automatic ban rules are created by keywords - website addresses;

Please understand that SPAM is the dirtiest and lowest type of ad that exists on the web. If you went down to it and came to our forums with the goal of advertising something (instead of asking the administration a question about the existing possibilities and forms of advertising on the site) - keep in mind that a forum is such a place where everyone can then write in response to your message, and you will not have any opportunity to control the content of responses. After the first answer, your post may turn from advertising into the most terrible anti-advertising and you yourself will ask us to remove it. In such cases, we do not meet. If you want to advertise something, write us a letter, and if we consider that our site will be useful to you, we will offer specific options for posting information.

E. Inappropriate behavior

  • Post any information that is contrary to law;
  • To insult other forum participants and get personal; swearing (for insulting the moderators or other members of the site’s editorial staff, you risk getting a life ban);
  • Leave offensive, defamatory or impartial statements to third parties (people, organizations);
  • Provide unverified or obviously incorrect information as facts (including as arguments).

F. Invalid signatures

  • Use different nicknames for signature. One user - one nickname. It is strictly forbidden to use random words, phrases, single characters or their arbitrary sets for signature. In case of violation of this rule, the moderator can edit your signature or delete messages.
  • Use the nicknames "Administrator", "Admin", etc. to sign the message, and also indicate the service postal addresses of the site in the "e-mail" field. Such messages are deleted or edited at the discretion of the moderator.
  • Using nicknames similar to those already existing in the forum, similar ones are understood as consonant nicknames that create an impression of almost the same, as well as visually similar, through the use of a mixture of Russian and Latin letters, numbers. For example: clam and c1am, admin and admin (a - Latin / Russian); x @ m, ham and ham.

G. Illustrations

It is forbidden to insert illustrations larger than 150 kilobytes or larger than 600 pixels in larger dimensions in messages, unless it is necessary in the context of the message (for example, demonstration of image quality). The editors reserve the right to remove any illustration in the complete absence of its connection with the message text.


  • Raising old (> 3 months) topics without special need or importance of the information communicated.
  • Using TOP REGISTER in topics and posts
  • Use transliteration
  • Excessive quoting of the interlocutor from the same topic.
  • Messages that are too long (over 1000 characters).


  • An appeal is understood as a reasoned written statement about the unlawfulness of deleting a forum message submitted by the author of the deleted message to the e-mail address of the site’s editor-in-chief.
  • Only the author of the deleted message can appeal, indicating his login or e-mail, entered during registration on the site. Claims from other forum participants are not accepted.
  • An appeal from unregistered users is not accepted.
  • Any appeals or complaints about the work of forums, deleting messages, etc. are accepted only in accordance with the points set forth. In the forums, appeals are deleted, and letters without specifying user details are left unanswered.
  • The maximum appeal deadline is 14 days.


  • The moderator can delete any messages of violators and all responses to them. In addition, remember that even if your message has not been deleted, there will be anti-advertising on any advertisement.
  • The moderator can delete any message entered through an anonymous proxy server.
  • The moderator can set topics that are prohibited for discussion.
  • The moderator can delete any message if its content provokes website visitors to violate paragraphs BCD and E. of these rules.
  • Moderators receive all entered messages by e-mail instantly.

The average reaction time is 10-30 minutes. All messages entered by one person, the administrator can delete or rename with one click (be there at least 2, at least 70). Therefore, please: do not waste your time on spam and flood.