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  1. Registration in the system How do I create an account with ZENARIT? Follow the link "User registration", fill in the fields below and click "Register" What to do if it doesn't work or I forgot the password for my personal account? Check for correct filling or layout. Otherwise, use the password recovery form. How much does it cost to create a ZENARIT account? Account creation is completely free. Can I open multiple accounts? Each member can only open one account. There are no exceptions. Main questions Who can participate in the investment program? Anyone of legal age can participate in ZENARIT. What is the minimum and maximum investment amount? The minimum amount is 10 ZERT. The maximum amount is 10,000 ZERT. What is the minimum withdrawal amount? The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 ZERT. What are the ways I can add funds to my account? We accept: Payeer USD/RUB, Bitcoin, Zenarius Token (ZERT). Please note that when depositing by other means, except for Zenarius Token, there is an automatic purchase of tokens on the exchange. How soon will my funds appear on my account after making a payment? As a rule, funds are credited to the account balance instantly. How to add a token to your ETH wallet? To send a Zenarius token to your wallet, you do not need to do anything, you simply send these tokens to the ETH wallet address. In order for the tokens to be displayed on your balance, you need to add them. There are many instructions on the Internet - for example. Token parameters: Contract address 0xf60c1a7043ac8141cfa57754f995d053beaab18a Decimals 2 Symbol ZERT Can I create multiple deposits? You can create unlimited deposits. How to withdraw money from the system? To do this, you need to go to the "Operations" tab and find the "Withdrawal" tab. How often are profits accrued? Profit is calculated every day according to the investment plan. How and when can I create a withdrawal request? A withdrawal request can be created in the Personal Account at any time. How fast is the withdrawal of funds from the financial platform? Withdrawals are made automatically. Partnership Do you have an affiliate program? You can receive a stable and constant additional income by inviting people to ZENARIT. What affiliate program do you offer? We offer a three-tiered affiliate program where you will receive 13% of the contribution of your partners in the first level and 6% of the contribution of your partners in the second level. Do I need to make a contribution to participate in the affiliate program? No contribution is required to participate in the affiliate program. Is inviting other members required? Bringing in other members is optional, but it is good money. Security Do you provide information about my operations or income to third parties? We adhere to a strict privacy policy. No information about you is shared with third parties. How reliable is your service in terms of safe storage of personal data, money and hacker attacks? The ZENARIT.com server has powerful protection against Anti-DDOS and BruteForce attacks. The platform is served by people with more than 10 years of experience in system administration who are certified security professionals (CCNP Cisco, etc.) I didn’t find the answer to my question, where should I go? If you have not found the answer to your question, please contact the support section or create a ticket. You can also ask a question in the public group of the project.
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